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Nantucket Crib Rental

Nantucket Crib Rental

Click here to rent nantucket cribs and baby equipment.

Crib bedding also available.

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BOB Brand Stroller Rental

BOB Brand Stroller Rental

We only supply the finest quality strollers for your children.


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BOB Revolution Double Jogging Stroller Rental

BOB Revolution Double Jogging Stroller Rental

Get the exercise you deserve while taking both of your children on a walk, enjoying the beautiful vistas of Nantucket.


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Nantucket Diaper Supplies

Nantucket Diaper Supplies

We only carry environmentally friendly diaper supplies at our retail location on 159 Orange Street.  

You can ask to include them in your rental order!

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Our baby & beach gear is cleaned only using 7th Generation products 

A message from the owner, Rebecca Becker-Mailloux,

"Our company is constantly reinventing the wheel to keep up with changing trends on child gear & products, parenting & safety standards to make the transition from home to vacation a smooth, fast, comfortable & familiar process for caregiver & child.

Petite Traveler's baby rental gear is current & cleaned with environmentally friendly cleaning products like 7th Generation.

It's safe to say, Petite Traveler's rental business & retail shop is one of the few Nantucket establishments, baby related, that carries such a unique and "green" selection of "stuff" for children."

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Light It Up Blue for Autism Speaks!

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